West Smyrna Swim & Tennis Club has plenty of tennis league play and activities to keep you out on the courts, year round.

We participate in ALTA, fielding teams in several levels of play from beginner to accomplished player. Regardless of your age or level of play, the Club’s goal is to provide you with top-class facilities and an enjoyable tennis experience .

The club holds several tennis tournaments and social events for members each year that are fun, inviting and perfect for any and all skill levels.

All scheduled WSSTC ALTA home matches, team practices and social events take court priority! When there are no matches or tournaments scheduled, the courts are open to all members on a first come, ‘first serve’ basis. Please see the event calendar to find out when the courts will be reserved for these matches and events.

If you are interested in joining one of our ALTA tennis teams please contact the appropriate team captain.

Tuesday Senior Ladies Doubles (45+)
Martha Curtis
(678) 13-7164

Saturday Men’s Doubles (Spring/Fall)
Andy Henshaw
(770) 432-8495

Sunday Women’s Doubles (Spring/Fall)
Susan Carter
(770) 436-2691

Mixed Doubles (Winter/Summer)
Diane Taylor
(770) 433-1476

Use of Alternate Non Member Players

The Board of Directors has agreed to allow each tennis team to add 3 non member alternates to their tennis roster as long as the following guidelines are agreed to and followed.    

1.  Alternates cannot count toward qualifying as an Alta team
      a. Men’s Doubles must have a minimum of 12 club members.
      b. Ladies Sunday must have a minimum of 12 club members.
      c. Ladies Senior must have a minimum of 8 club members.
      d. Mixed Doubles must have a minimum of 6 women and 6 men club members.  

2. Rosters must be approved by the Board of Directors before being submitted to Alta if alternates are being used.  This is required each Alta season.  If there is an addition of an alternate after the original roster is submitted the Board must be notified before the addition is submitted to Alta.

3.  Up to 5 days before the match, after all attempts (emails, texts, and phone calls) have been made to fill the lineup with members, only at that time can an alternate be added to the lineup.  When the lineup is posted it cannot be altered except in the case of an emergency.

4.  If a team is having a team practice the alternates may attend.  They will not have access to the courts individually.

5.  Each alternate will submit a fee of $5.00 per match played to the team captain to be given to the club’s treasurer.

6.  The Board of Directors has the right to end their consent of the use of alternates if abuse or complaints from members occurs.