2024 Snack Shack Rules 

Below is an outline of everything need to know to be a Snack Shack seller.  Sign up at bottom of page. 

Before signing up, please read:  


  1. Any WSSTC member is eligible to participate as a Snack Shack seller. 
  2. Minimum age is 12 years to operate without parental supervision. 
  3. Kids under twelve require a parent always be in Snack Shack to supervise. 
  4. Fee is $5 per day and payable online below or leave cash/check in the clubhouse mail slot. Please include a note with your name and your reservation date. 
  5. No more than 2-3 people in the Snack Shack at a time. An exception being two small children under twelve with a parent. We do not want kids hanging out in the room. 
  6. The Executive Board has the discretion to revoke selling privilege. 
  7. Please be courteous to all customers. If the Board hears about issues or poor customer service, we will make an inquiry and members may lose selling privilege.

Sign Up & Reservations 

  1. Must reserve in advance and reservations and first come first serve.
  2. Reservation increments are between 1-8 hours long. 
  3. Seller is not required to use all of their time, but please be courteous and release your reservation if you’re not going to use it (other people may want your time slot). 
  4. Cannot sign up for more than one holiday. 
  5. Do not take up every spot all the time – no more than one sign-up a week or weekend. If slots are open 12 hours prior, you can sign up last minute. We want to give others fair opportunity. 
  6. No show penalty will be seller loses privileges for 2 weeks, second offense is 1 month. Rain outs do not count as a no show. 

Products, Money & Advertising 

  1. Seller is responsible for providing all products and taking home whatever is not sold. 
  2. Profits are not shared with WSSTC—whatever money you make is yours! 
  3. There is no guarantee you will make a profit. WSSTC is not responsible for monetary loss. 
  4. Do not sell the WSSTC merchandise in the hallway. 
  5. NO ALCOHOL is allowed to be sold. 
  6. No stealing or price gauging. Tips are okay. 
  7. No raw food or cooking. Outside appliances require prior Executive Board approval. 
  8. Please provide a menu – can be done with a white board, chalkboard, or printout. 
  9. Seller is responsible for having change. Recommendation is to have ones, fives, tens (people pay with $20 bills) and a few rolls of change. 
  10. Recommend digital payment options, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App etc. and providing a QR code for customers to scan.


  1. Refrigerator with a small freezer is available for your use during shift. 
  2. Do not store any items on the top shelf near the router. 
  3. Do not leave or store any of your products in Snack Shack after your shift. Whatever you leave will either be thrown out, sold by another seller, or eaten. 
  4. Please review and comply with the end of shift Cleaning Checklist located on the refrigerator. Leaving it cleaner than how you found it is a good rule of thumb. 

HAVE QUESTIONS? Email —> WSSTCSnackShack@gmail.com 

Register through SIGN UP GENIUS USE THIS LINK- don’t use big icon, I can’t figure out how to delete it–use this link–  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0E49A5A829A5F5C70-49575635-snack#/


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