The pool area is available to reserve for all members. While you are able to reserve the cabana for your private group, the rest of the pool will still be open to other members. Before reserving your pool party, please see the following rules:

1. Pool cabana area is available for reservations for $25.00.

2. Hosts are required to pay for guests ($2.00 per guest).

3. A lifeguard must be present during all private swimming parties. Hosts are responsible for hiring and compensating the guards.

3. Hours allowed for swim parties: Monday–Friday (9AM–9PM); Saturday–Sunday (9AM–12:30PM and 5PM–9PM).

4. Guests are not allowed to stay at pool past the party hours.

5. No pool parties permitted on a holiday.

6. All drinks must be in non-breakable containers.

7. Swim parties larger than 10 people REQUIRE additional approved lifeguards for the party.
10 or less people – on-duty guard okay
11 – 29 people – one dedicated event lifeguard required.
30 – 49 people – two dedicated event lifeguards required.
50 – 69 people – three dedicated event lifeguards required.
For every additional 20 people, another guard will be required.