The West Smyrna Swim and Tennis Club, Inc is provided primarily for the pleasure of its members. The guest privileges are subject to change and become more restrictive as the membership of the club increases. West Smyrna Swim, and Tennis Club, Inc. is authorized to establish, interpret, and enforce tennis court rules and regulations. Rules and Regulations not followed are subject to disciplinary action.

Each club member is requested to help enforce the rules by reminding others of their violations and report infractions to the Board of Directors

General Rules

  1. Tennis court hours are 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM.
  2. Tennis courts are to be used for tennis and pickle ball only. No baseball, skateboarding, or roller skating is allowed. 
  3. Parties are not to be held on the tennis courts.
  4. Junior members and junior practice and clinics shall yield to senior club members on weekends, holidays, and after 7PM in the evening hours.
  5. Only regulation tennis shoes are allowed on the courts.
  6. No food allowed other than personal snacks on the tennis courts.  
  7. No bathing suits are allowed on the tennis courts.
  8. Members are responsible for cleaning up after play. Empty trash cans as needed, remove any balls from the courts, and benches placed in their proper location.
  9. All animals are prohibited from entering the tennis courts.
  10. All guests must be accompanied by a senior club member while using tennis facilities.
  11. There shall be no boisterous conduct, no rowdy or unruly behavior, no horseplay, no vandalism, and no destruction or damage of any club property, especially sitting on the tennis court nets. Senior members shall be held responsible for the conduct of their children and guest(s) and liable for any damages inflicted. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for enforcing this rule.
  12. Club sanctioned events have priority of tennis court use to include but are not limited to:
  • Alta
  • T2
  • USTA
  • Alta rainout matches
  • Alta practices
  1. Upon completion of play at night, it will be the responsibility of the WSSTC member playing to ensure court lights are off when leaving the court.
  2. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed inside the courts unless accompanied by an instructor or a WSSTC senior member.
  3. WSSTC senior members should check the WSSTC tennis calendar for reservations and court availability.

Tennis Instructions 

  1. Members may coordinate tennis practices/lessons with coaches at their own expense. Tennis lessons given to senior members will not incur a coach’s fee.
  2. Non-members shall be allowed to enroll in a class offered at WSSTC when they pay non-member court fee of $10.00 per lesson, as well as the instruction fee at their own expense as long as they are sponsored and accompanied by a WSSTC senior member. 

Tennis Court Reservations         

  1. All scheduled WSSTC ALTA home matches, team practices and social events take court priority! When there are no matches or tournaments scheduled, the courts are open to all members on a first come, first served basis. Please refer to the WSST event calendar to find out when the courts will be reserved for these matches and events.
  2. Tennis clinics, junior matches, junior practices, junior tournaments and individual play must yield to ALTA match play.

Junior Tennis

  1. WWSTC senior member may coordinate with a paid tennis coach to offer instruction where 50% of the participants must be club members.
  2. Junior tennis coaches must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. Junior tennis coaches must submit the Coach Liability Waiver Tennis Agreement form for instructional tennis to include WSSTC member sponsorship and players to be instructed.
  4. Junior tennis coaches shall pay WSSTC $150.00 per season of instruction for specified Junior WSSTC senior member sponsored teams. 
  5. A WSSTC senior member must be present at Junior practices, matches, and tournaments.
  6. When courts availability is an issue, Junior instruction shall be conducted on courts 5 and 6.
  7. Instruction is limited to the use of 2 tennis courts.
  8. The sponsoring WSSTC senior member is responsible for the conduct of the players and tennis coaches while on WSSTC property.
  9. Junior members and junior events shall yield to senior members on weekends, holidays, sanctioned events, and after 7 PM in the evening hours.

Non-club members

  1. Non-club members shall pay $35.00 per person per season payable before they are allowed to play on a seasonal team.
  2. Non-club members shall be treated as a full team member for practice and match play as needed.
  3. Teams’ line-up’s should be filled giving WWSTC senior member priority.
  4. Access of non-club members will be limited to the tennis courts with a WSSTC senior member present.
  5. A seasonal tennis team is allowed a maximum of 4 non-club members for the Men’s and Women’s team and a maximum of 2 men and 2 women for  Mixed team play.


The West Smyrna Swim and Tennis Club, Inc. is provided primarily for the pleasure of its members; the guest privileges are subject to change. The West Smyrna Swim and Tennis Club, Inc. is authorized to establish, interpret, and enforce pool rules and regulations. These rules may be amended or changed by the Board of Directors, as they deem appropriate.

1. The lifeguard has the authority to prohibit any activities in the pool or pool areas that he/she deems to be unsafe. All swimmers must cooperate and comply with the lifeguard’s instructions and requests.

2. Pool hours are 7 am-10 pm. (7am-9am are quiet hours and as such no music, loud activities, or use of the diving board is permitted.)

3. Beginning Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Monday of Labor Day weekend, a lifeguard will be on duty from 1 pm to 6 pm Monday to Thursday, and 1 pm to 7 pm Friday to Sunday.

4. When a lifeguard is not present, the pool is considered an “unattended swim at your own risk facility”. Use of the facility is at the sole risk of the individual using the facility. Parents/guardians/senior members are responsible for the safety and care of their minor children and assume all risk(s) in this regard.

5. All members shall are asked to sign guest in when entering the pool area utilizing the QR Code at information kiosk. Failure to register guest is subject to disciplinary action.

6. Children under 12 are not permitted at any time unless accompanied by a senior member. When a lifeguard is not present those children under 12 shall be directly supervised by a senior member

7. Children, 3 years and under, must have a parent or guardian within touching distance in the pool.

8. Children, 3 years and under or those that are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. All other diapers are prohibited. Violations of this rule may result in a fine of $150 and/or suspension of privileges.

9. Family senior members must be present when a lifeguard is not present for those children aged 12-16. The senior member is defined as the head(s) of the household (parents).

10. Members 16 and older are permitted to use the pool without a senior member or lifeguard and may have up to one (1) guest that is also 16 or older.

11. No glass is permitted in the pool area – no exceptions.

12. Diving is permitted only in specified diving area. Only one person shall use or be on the diving board or in the area immediately in front of the diving board at any one time.

13. There shall be no running, boisterous conduct, no profanity or vulgarity, no loud music, no vandalism, and no destruction or damage of club property. Parents shall be responsible for the conduct of their children and guests.

14. When thunder is heard, the lifeguard will clear the pool until 15 minutes have passed with no thunder being heard. Failure to follow the lifeguards’ instructions will be reported to the Executive Board of the club.

15. Only at the lifeguard’s discretion will flotation devices of any description be allowed in the pool.

16. Only at the lifeguard’s discretion will throwing of objects (balls, Frisbees, etc.) be allowed in the pool.

17. The lifeguard shall issue a warning to an uncooperative person in the presence of an adult member, if possible. First offense after the warning—3 days out of the pool area; second offense—7 days: third offense—the person must appear before the board of directors prior to re-entering the pool. If the person is a child, the parents or parent must also meet with the board of directors. The lifeguard will contact the Executive Board concerning the offense and the President will then contact the offender.


19. Only proper swimming attire will be permitted in the pool.

20. No animals are permitted in the pool area.

21. All trash shall be placed in trash containers. If using the pool after lifeguard hours, take trash to dumpster and place new trash bag in container. Do not place any large items in trash cans, this includes Pizza Boxes, please take those items directly to the dumpster.

22. Straighten pool furniture and pick up pool toys.

23. Pool gate shall be locked at all times.

24. If you are the last to leave the pool area, please turn off restroom lights, turn off pool lights, close all umbrellas and close the doors to the restrooms.

25. No club property (furniture, kitchen items, etc.) are to be removed from the premises.

26. In case of inclement weather or high winds promptly close and secure all umbrellas.